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    I ordered some new gear from B&H in the States. Some of it arrived today and included in the first installment was a Metabones Speedbooster and a Metabones Nikon F-mount to Micro 4/3 adaptor. I couldn’t wait for my GH4 to arrive, so I put my 70-200 onto Sarah’s GF1 and took some shots from our flat. This is one of them.


  3. Anonymous said: Further to a previous question (not mine) about playing for the Lord and worshiping while playing, etc., you mention you'd someday love to play for Katy Perry or Taylor Swift. Awesome. I agree - you can certainly worship the Lord doing that. But, do you think that you would be endorsing some of the not-so-Godly material in their songs/lyrics/music videos by playing with them?


    I’m not nearly as concerned with appearing to endorse those things as I am with being able to positively effect the people in that world. It’s the same thing Jesus did in the bible. He actually steered clear of the religious church leaders and hung out with the sinners. Plenty of people hated Jesus for that but He didn’t care. He was there to positively effect the lives of those people and lead them to the Father. He cared more about people’s hearts than how he was personally perceived. I kinda feel the same way. Or I want the same for my life I should say… Obviously I don’t endorse a lot things sung about in popular music but I think that makes me want to be involved all the more. I can’t think of anything more I’d like to do with my life than to have the chance to lead those kind of people closer to Jesus through the way I live life and interact with them. Dream job. .

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    Berlin: The view from Teufelsberg during the making of Set Sail's 'Calgary' cover.

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    Pretty much the only structure in Reyjavik taller than a two-storey house. Epic architecture only a Viking could come up with…

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    Abandoned farm, southern Iceland.

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    I´m a young wanderer, always searching for peace in nature. But I also travel constantly, I never stay in the same place, I become claustrophobic in a certain way.